Some of Our
Recent Projects


AGL Energy Somerton
GE Frame 6B
Hot Gas Path Inspection

Compressor Upgrade – Diffuser Repairs

ATMSGROUP has recently completed HGP inspections on AGL energy’s Somerton peaking units working with the client we highlighted several areas which required attention, these included 1st and 2nd stage turbine blading replacement and due to progressive shim migration the in-situ reblading of the 16th Stage Compressor Stationary and 17th Stage Compressor Rotating blades. This was a first for these units in Australia. During the outage we found other potential issues that could impact the reliability and performance of the turbine, these were communicated quickly and outcomes to facilitate the repair of these were developed with the client so as not to impact the critical outage timeline.


EnergyAustralia Hallet
GE Frame 5
Major Inspections and HGPI

2nd Stage Turbine Buckets Upgrade

With 12 GE frame 5 turbines of varying ages ATMSGROUP and EnergyAustralia through a long-term partnership have been able to develop a maintenance and outage cycle to service these units. ATMSGROUP continues to grow with EA and provides minor inspections through to major overhauls.


Newcrest Mining Lihir Gold Mine
GE Steam Turbines
Major Inspections and Repairs

CNC Turbine Blading Manufacture

Newcrest engaged ATMSGROUP to project manage major repairs of their 20Mw GE steam turbines located at Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea, this included the relocation of the turbine rotor and casing to Australia, de-blading of the rotor discs and manufacture of a complete set of turbine blades to suit the application.

Port Lincoln Power Station

ATMSGROUP has provided inspections and repair solutions to South Australia peaking units for a number years, ranging from Borescope Inspections to Asset Relocation from overseas to Australia. This was delivered on time and on budget.