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Our goal is to help our customers extend the life of their equipment and enhance productivity.

Our Services

Gas & Steam Turbine Repairs

Our team of experienced personnel, coordinators and technicians are adept at critical component removal and installations, precision machining and weld refurbishment processes, and all types of turbine repair procedures to optimize the performance of your units.

Turbine Installation & Reapplication Services

ATMS is uniquely positioned with the knowledge and expertise required for successful gas turbine relocation and reapplication projects, and our engineering team has the specialized skill set to provide a complete solution. Generator Maintenance & Overhaul

Generator Maintenance & Overhaul Services

Our Generator Field Service features experienced technicians that have the knowledge to repair and maintain your Electrical Generator. We can help you maximize the efficiency of your unit for the future.

Open, Clean, Inspect & Close (OCIC)

ATMS provide teams of skilled field service coordinators and technicians to assist in your entire unit overhaul from Open to Close. From auxiliaries inspections to alignments, our OCIC division has the tools and experience to provide you with a complete and successful turnkey outage service.

One Proven Approach For All Our Projects


  • Familiarisation with the site infrastructure and the customer requirement
  • Definition of work scope
  • Offer to customer
  • Order received


  • Preparation of outage schedule
  • Order and shipment of outage material
  • Preparation of technical project documentation
  • Briefing of site personnel
  • Mobilisation and preparation of the site


  • Execute the inspection according to customer’s order
  • Hand over the unit to the customer
  • Conduct outage debriefing with customer

Close Out

  • Demobilisation
  • Complete the outage documentation
  • Preparation final report to customer
  • Debriefing of site personnel and internal feedback meeting

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our customers extend the life of their equipment and enhance the productivity of their operations by:

  • Regarding customer satisfaction as the measure of quality
  • Leveraging best practices and capabilities
  • Expanding our skills and services globally to follow our customers as they extend their reach
  • Maintaining a collaborative mindset in building customer partnerships and leveraging best practices and capabilities
  • Delivering customer-driven product and service innovation


John and David have done an excellent job under very difficult and no doubt stressful circumstances both from a business sense and from the broader terrorist situation prevailing in Indonesia as you can see from the “Red Alert” which no doubt must have been on their minds and those of their extended families. They have achieved more than I personally dared hoped and I commend their efforts to you and I trust that the organisation sees fit to acknowledge their work at an appropriate time.

Synergen Power
ATMS is a trusted partner of ours, through the past 5 to 6 years relationship they have demonstrated their extensive knowledge and capabilities, their safety and the operational integrity of our asset are their top priority, we look forward to many more years of Safe, Reliable, & highly Professional Service.

Energy Australia Hallett